Qwerty story - Making our own typewriter keys

Qwerty design connects all typewriters with today's computer keyboards and touchscreens. It is the oldest typing template that was invented by a Milwaukee newspaper editor Christopher Sholes in 1868 and sold to Remington in 1873. Unchanged for 150 years, it was designed to prevent the metal arms of the typewriter letters from clashing and jamming. So what Sholes basically did was to place the most frequently used letters as far apart as possible, making the typist's fingers (at that time, which was the practice that persisted throughout the next century, all typists were women) do the work.


Qwerty handbags collection evolved from Donà's fascination with the highly aesthetical objects of mechanical typewriters. The highlight of "Qwerty" collection are the typewriter keys, firstly re-applied from the old typewriters, and later, according to Donà's design, constructed and manufactured by a metal craftsmen company. Since 2013 Donà has her own production of typewriter keys.