Qwerty Unique - "Oriana"

Qwerty Unique

Qwerty Unique

Qwerty Unique


This unique leather object accentuates its geometric shape, which combines rounded, square and vertical lines. A front section consists of a six stainless steel flat bars covered with leather whereat each bar ends with a typewriter key. As the very name reveals, “Unique” means there is only one of a kind whereas the name refers to the famous female writer Oriana Fallaci.

An artful piece that functions only as an exhibit and can be used for decoration in almost any room of your house. This product is meticulously handmade by master artisans one piece at a time.

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1.500,00 €
Currently unavailable
Material information 100% Calfskin
Colour Red
Lining 100% Lambskin
Metal parts Stainless steel
Packaging Dust bag
Length 22 cm
Height 26 cm
Width 7 cm


Qwerty unique

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